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Knowledge is Power:

Childbirth Education

A lot goes into birth and for many parents, this time can be filled with doubt, questions, and uncertainty. Whether or not you choose a doula for your birth, support with preparing for the big moment is crucial. My Childbirth Education workshops are tailored specifically to your needs and concerns, and can be scheduled as single or multiple sessions in the comfort of your home. 

Some areas that we can cover in Childbirth Education Sessions include:

  • the physiology of birth

  • the stages of labor

  • how to know when you are in labor

  • navigating birth in the hospital setting

  • your birth rights

  • developing your birth vision (aka birth plan)

  • informed consent and empowered decision-making

  • overview of childbirth comfort measures with hands-on practice

  • medical interventions

  • postpartum planning

My workshops are fun, interactive, and informative. Let's discuss your needs and collaborate to put together a session that will support you to feel confident and empowered in bringing your baby into the world!

Note: childbirth education is included in prenatal visits in the Basic Birth Package.

Investment: $100 per session or 3 sessions for $250

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